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Our approach to accessories and clothing is ‘good, better, best’.

We stock brands that appeal to a sense of style, a need for practicality and a range of budgets.

We always ask our selves “would we wear them, install them or enjoy them” If the answer is yes, then we ask our customers if they would too. Only when they pass that test then we stock them.

We have traditional leather, waxed and denim jackets, trousers and gloves. Open, full faced and flip helmets. T-shirts, eye protectors and goggles. Locks, chains, plugs, oils, filters, bars, lamps, biker gifts and more and more and more...

If you really want to be sure of what you’re buying there’s nothing like trying it on, seeing it on a bike or talking to someone who’s all ready got one.

Come to the shop to see, feel, compare and discuss.