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Italjet was founded in Italy in 1959 by, Leopoldo Tartarini, a competitive motorcycle rider for Ducati. He was possessed with a great passion for the sport and the desire to create bikes with personal flair and innovation, characterized by attention to detail and mechanical sophistication.

Italjet electric bikes are designed and built in Bologna, Italy, in the prestigious Motor Valley. Discover every detail, created with passion and precision by our skilled craftsmen. Enter the Italjet world, where design becomes art in motion.

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How fast and far do these bikes go?

All battery powered bicycles are restricted by UK law to 25 kilomters per hour. Range per charge: 50 Miles (average). The Italjet E-Bike battery is designed to last 2000 cycles (with correct use and charging procedures).

Will I have to pedal and will the bike go uphill unassisted?

An Italjet E-Bike is pedal assisted, which means that a small electric motor assists the rider as you pedal. You can select as much or as little assistance as desired.

How heavy is the bike?

Ascot Classic / One weight = 30kg.

Italjet electric bike Brookes saddle at Chas Mann Motorcycles
Italjet electric bike Brookes saddle at Chas Mann Motorcycles
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