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Davida have been defining quality in their own way for more than thirty years. It has been a genuine and relentless pursuit rewarded by a worldwide reputation for the quietest, most comfortable, and well made open face motorcycle helmets available.

Made to order and hand built in Britain. Always try a Davida on for fit, design and colour. There's a selection of designs in the form of the Jet, Speedster 3, Ninety Two and Koura in a variety of sizes and graphics at our boutique shop along with examples of accessories that'll complete the look and practicality you want. Here's just a few of the many!

Davida Jet start line
Davida Jet start line
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A constant look to the future together with captivating design, avant-garde technology and breakthrough innovation led to conceive and produce numerous successful models with innovative features appreciated and well recognized by bikers all around the world.


In shop or Online?

We recommend always trying a helmet on before purchase. Your helmet is the most important item of protection but it has to be comfortable, fit right and look good too. Please drop by the shop to compare and contrast from our extensive range.

If you're certain that you know your size and fit for a particular brand and model then please use our online company Foxxmoto to order for delivery to your door.


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