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SHOEI has been dedicated to the development of superior helmet technology since 1958.
The company was started by the immense spirit and determination of its founder Eitaro Kamata, who designed and used his first products exclusively for the racing sector.

What is amazing even by today’s standards is the pace at which SHOEI became popular all over the world: starting in the late sixties, SHOEI’s reputation as a top quality brand spread first over the U.S., then later all over the motor markets of Europe.
What is also amazing is that everybody who was ever involved in the motor field can spell the name SHOEI, in spite of the fact that we are a team of less than 500 people worldwide.

But what is most amazing, especially to a Western observer, is the dedication of the factory staff. SHOEI manufactures all helmets (and all helmet parts) in Japan, even though manufacturing costs there have long since exceeded the level in many European countries. Why? Because the men and women in the Shoei factories take every single helmet as a personal challenge. Faulty products are practically unheard of, as every single piece reflects the spirit, ambition and attention to detail that is so typical of SHOEI.

We stock the classic inspired J.O. Ex-Zero and Glamster.


Shoei Ex Zero at Chas Mann Motorcycles
Shoei Ex Zero at Chas Mann Motorcycles
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