Spada Motorcycle Gear

Since our beginning, way back in 1994, the SPADA collection has grown to suit the diversified needs of the many personal requirements and disciplines of riders, whilst achieving the difficult combination of offering style, performance, safety, all round functionality and value.

We have, since day one, set out to make motorcycle clothing that is practical, feels comfortable - both on and off the bike - and is at a price that helps riders put more fuel in the tank and more miles on the clock - always a bonus…


In shop or Online?

We believe it's essential to assess any motorcycling apparel, be it helmet, jacket, trousers, gloves or boots for fit, comfort and look. So please feel welcome at our boutique shop to browse, compare, discuss and try on.

If you'd like to find out more about our range from the comfort of your PC / Tablet / Smartphone or are certain enough to buy online then please visit our web based shop Foxxmoto at: -


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