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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Birmingham Sept 2016

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  • Matt and Neil
  • Royal Enfield Continental GT DRG
  • Distinguished Gentlemen
  • Douglas and the Distinguished
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  • Monacled motorcyclist
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  • Karen Thompson Royal Enfield DRG

Event: Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 25th September 2016.
Bike: Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 efi.
Cast: Ian, Karen, Stuart, Neil & Matt.
Note: And yes, the other one is in the Albert Hall.


Continental GT

Royal Enfield Continental GT, Hedon Epicurist, Davida Jet, Birmingham Town Hall

When everything just goes so well together

Douglas and the Distinguished

Ding dong, bow wow.

Ding dong, bow wow.

Distinguished Gentlemen of Birmingham

Distinguished Gentlemen of Birmingham

Ian Thompson Distinguished Gentleman

Monacled motorcyclist

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2016 Birmingham

Mrs. K. Thompson. Distinguished biker chick